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A public talk and discussion with Lesley Riddoch at the Burgh Hall Dunoon.

An independent Scotland has at least two alternative ways of connecting with Europe – full EU membership or the “halfway house” membership of Norway and Iceland. This talk examines Nordic templates for relationships with Europe – and much besides.

Admission free; donations always welcome.

Lesley is a well known broadcaster, journalist and author. She campaigns for land reform and also for community involvement in the political process. She is a commentator on Scottish independence and is one of the vice-convenors of the Scottish Independence Convention.

In 2010 she co-founded Nordic Horizons, a think tank which uses examples from the Scandinavian countries to suggest and promote changes in social policy and community involvement.

Her book Blossom: What Scotland Needs To Flourish tells of how Scots have tried to make inroads to improve their communities and draws comparison with the Nordic nations in the ways they tackle similar issues.

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Lesley Riddoch speaking at the Butterfly Cafe in Dundee.

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