April 2018

Control the Narrative.

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Mindset - Dave's Article from the National Should Scotland be an independent country? Why is Scotland not an independent country? These are not the same question. They are very different indeed. This is important because the last referendum campaign was dominated by the first question – a question that gave our well funded, [...]

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November 2017

A Documentary on PFI/PPP

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The Only Game in Town   A documentary looking into the use of PPI/PPP to build schools and public projects around Scotland. The sums of money involved initially and the longer term commitment for payments to the builders and maintenance companies over the years (30 years) runs out to 36 billion pounds. Concentrating [...]

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October 2017

The Brexit Cliff Edge

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This is what the Brexit cliff edge looks like   by POLITICO | 10/19/17, 4:17 AM CET | Updated 10/19/17, 3:07 PM CET 11 Key Policy Areas analysed, What are the implications of a no deal and what can be done to offset the worst of the effects. Link To article This is What the [...]

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June 2017