June 2019

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Book Launch - A Clean Currency for a Prosperous Scotland Andy Anderson Book launch followed by a Q & A. A clear and simple explanation of economic, monetary and fiscal policies, Andy Anderson provides cheering ideas for how a future independent Scotland can run a progressive economy and banking system. As he reminds us, [...]

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April 2018

Scotcoin Offered to Scottish Government

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Good article in the Herald 08/04/18 I spoke to one of the key people at Scotcoin at the last SNP conference and at some length. Very interesting technology which is rapidly gaining a foothold around the world. I also went to one of their talks up in Glasgow when they were obviously making [...]

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October 2017

The Brexit Cliff Edge

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This is what the Brexit cliff edge looks like   by POLITICO | 10/19/17, 4:17 AM CET | Updated 10/19/17, 3:07 PM CET 11 Key Policy Areas analysed, What are the implications of a no deal and what can be done to offset the worst of the effects. Link To article This is What the [...]

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September 2017

A National Investment Bank

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A Key Idea from The Common Weal.   The Common Weal proposal for a National Investment Bank. An idea adopted for inclusion in this Parliamentary session. Many people have put forward this idea as a necessary route to help the economy but also as a pathway on the road to Independence.   [...]

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The Subsidy Myth

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Iain MacWhirters Opinion Piece in the Guardian. A good rebuttal to some journalists who are all to ready to spread this story that Scotland does not and cannot support itself financially. Here he attacks English based journalists but we also need to address the problem with the homebased journalists and prominent people including [...]

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