Bill Mills will be taking us through some of his responses to the SNP’s Sustainable Growth Commission report.

He outlines some of the positives to be taken from the report:
That Independence is essential for Scotland to flourish That we have an massive amount of assets and resources compared to other comparable independent countries
* That we have a substantial proportion of the economic, legal & governmental infrastructure necessary after independence already in place

His areas of concern are
How the report uses unhelpful ‘frames’ in how it describes Scotland In particular that it accepts Establishment economic frames

Lyne Copland of Garioch Women for Change.
Garioch Women for Change have been researching and documenting
research outcomes on the Scottish Health Service for the past 6
We want to present this information to the public at the earliest opportunity because
our research has identified a very real threat to the Scottish Health Service.

• The repatriation and subsequent retention of procurement powers in particular
and the use of Henry VIII Laws by Westminster, and the Supreme Court ruling on
the Continuity Bill , which was unanimously voted through by the Scottish
• This means we have to make people aware that the Scottish Health Service may
be at risk of losing its status as a public service.
• We have identified that NHS England , has been” privatised by stealth”
• Westminster politicians have been legislating to ensure that the (English) Health
Service is saleable to private healthcare companies, predominantly in the US.