John Drummond “All You Want to Know About Constitutions but Were Afraid to Ask” Edinburgh Yes Club. Find out from THE expert, John Drummond why drafting a Constitution is key as we make the case for Scotland to progress towards Independence.


Be inspired! On Friday 22nd March commencing at 7.30 pm. prompt we welcome our speaker, John Drummond. Come and hear John Drummond talk about why Scotland needs a written constitution. The Constitutional Commission is a charity registered in Scotland for the promotion of democratic citizenship and for constitutional education and research, founded in 2005 by John Drummond (former Convenor of the Independence Convention) and Canon Kenyon Wright (former Convenor of the Scottish Constitutional Convention). The Scottish Constitutional Commission conducts research and advocacy on the establishment of a liberal and democratic Constitution for Scotland based upon the sovereignty of the Scottish people.

The work of the Constitutional Commission starts from three axioms. Firstly, that legitimate sovereignty in Scotland resides in the “whole community of the realm”, and not in the Queen-in-Parliament at Westminster. Secondly, that a written and entrenched Constitution, endorsed by the whole community, guaranteeing the rights of citizens, and delimiting the powers, duties and responsibilities of the institutions of State, is necessary in order to establish the right relationship between the State and the people in a liberal democracy. Thirdly, that liberal democracy cannot exist merely in procedural terms, but must be sustained by civic, humane and democratic values.