News of Update to Indy App


From Jason at Indy App

New IndyApp2.0 Crowdfund is ‘matchfunded’…
We have secured £12k worth of pledges from private individuals so that every pound you give now gets doubled for us! This means that with your help, by hitting our 12k crowdfund target we will actually receive the full 24k needed to fully complete IndyApp2.0 in 4 months and run the network for a whole year while it becomes self funding. Check out the new IndyApp Phantom Power film on our crowd fund page, it’s class!
Our crowdfund page gives full details on all the exciting functions that IndyApp2.0 will have once completed. We also plan a series of new regional meetings that will lead up to our massive National IndyApp convention of all the groups (currently 125 and growing!) That’s where the completed IndyApp platform will be publicly launched and the groups can all meet each other
Please share of our campaign with as many like minded friends as possible and lets get everyone fully networked. Personal recommendations are worth their weight in gold to us!

Many, many thanks again for all you generous support