Two Reports of the Days of the Referendum

An excellent talk in the Forward shop tonight. Liz and Keir gave two independent reports of the time they spent in Catalonia in the days around the 1st of October Independence vote.

Liz spoke of her time in Tarragona and Reus and the people on the streets in support of the democratic process and the right to have a vote on independence.

Keir as part of the SNP youth contingent in Barcelona spoke of the organisation of the vote and the scenes in the polling station that he was observing. The great mobilisation of the people and thankfully no violence in this case although some tense moments as the civil guard made their presence known.

The video attached was shown and demonstates the depth of feeling in Catalonia as we see people imprisoned and the moves to take power away from the people there. This should be a call to all peoples to support democratic rights throughout Europe and the rest of the World.


Help Catalonia. Save Europe.