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John Drummond – All You Want To Know About The Constitution – Mar 2019

John Drummond “All You Want to Know About Constitutions but Were Afraid to Ask” Edinburgh Yes Club. Find out from THE expert, John Drummond why drafting a Constitution is key as we make the case for Scotland to progress towards Independence.


Be inspired! On Friday 22nd March commencing at 7.30 pm. prompt we welcome our speaker, John Drummond. Come and hear John Drummond talk about why Scotland needs a written constitution. The Constitutional Commission is a charity registered in Scotland for the promotion of democratic citizenship and for constitutional education and research, founded in 2005 by John Drummond (former Convenor of the Independence Convention) and Canon Kenyon Wright (former Convenor of the Scottish Constitutional Convention). The Scottish Constitutional Commission conducts research and advocacy on the establishment of a liberal and democratic Constitution for Scotland based upon the sovereignty of the Scottish people.

The work of the Constitutional Commission starts from three axioms. Firstly, that legitimate sovereignty in Scotland resides in the “whole community of the realm”, and not in the Queen-in-Parliament at Westminster. Secondly, that a written and entrenched Constitution, endorsed by the whole community, guaranteeing the rights of citizens, and delimiting the powers, duties and responsibilities of the institutions of State, is necessary in order to establish the right relationship between the State and the people in a liberal democracy. Thirdly, that liberal democracy cannot exist merely in procedural terms, but must be sustained by civic, humane and democratic values.

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Graeme McCormick Annual Ground Rent

Norrie Hunter and Graeme McCormick discuss the idea of Annual Ground Rent 


Before we tell you what Annual Ground Rent (AGR) is, let us first tell you what it is not; it is not an additional taxation to add to the already bursting system. AGR is a solution that totally replaces the existing taxation system with one single ground rent based solely on land ownership. If you own land, a house, or buildings you pay ground rent. That is it.

It’s simpler, easier to manage and can encourage growth while ensuring public services are funded.  Visit https://annualgroundrent.scot   




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Scotland’s future history and the wey forrit: Stuart McHardy

Scotland’s future history and the wey forrit: Stuart McHardy speaks about how Scotland’s history has been presented. A public meeting hosted by Yes Edinburgh West.


Writer, broadcaster and storyteller Stuart McHardy has long been interested in Scotland’s cultural heritage, from Pictish prehistory to contemporary folklore and music. As a storyteller he performs regularly across Scotland, and appears at many book festivals. As an author he has written of various Celtic, mythological and Pictish subjects – and on his other loves, whisky and beer.

McHardy was Director of the Scots Language Resource Centre from 1993 to 1998, and is a founder member of the Pictish Arts Society. 


Stuart’s Books  https://booksfromscotland.com/bfs-author/stuart-mchardy/


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Secrets of the British state with Clive Ponting, Keith Brown MSP and Colin Milne

Keith Brown MSP in conversation with Clive Pointing and Colin Milne

There is growing evidence that many of the people who rejected independence are reconsidering their position due largely to recent events. Our evening is to give people the opportunity to hear from two people who have worked within the British establishment and how they arrived at a similar view with regard to the constitutional question. They are from different parts of the UK.


  • Colin Milne was born and educated in Dollar and Aberdeen University, served in the Royal Navy and is on the board of Dollar Academy Colin. He served in The Falklands and the Gulf during the Iran-Iraq war. After leaving the Royal Navy he flew helicopters in the North Sea, was elected member of BALPA the Pilots union and gave evidence on helicopter safety to a House of Commons committee.

  • Clive Pointing was a high ranking civil servant in the Thatcher era and later became a reader in politics and international relations at Swansea University, he has published 15 books on world history, environmental history and twentieth century politics.

  • Clive was at the centre of the controversy over the sinking of the Argentine warship the Belgrano. and was arrested following the leaking of documents to Tam Dalyell MP.

  • He was then put on trial and despite the efforts of the judge and the British establishment to find him guilty the jury acquitted him.

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A Clean Currency for a Prosperous Scotland – Andy Anderson – Forward Shop, Dunoon

A Clean Currency for a Prosperous Scotland A return to Dunoon for Andy Anderson as he presents his new book on how an Independent Scotland should prepare to introduce a ‘Clean Currency’ to enable full economic controls.


Andy Anderson’s Blog with links to his new book  ‘A Clean Currency For a Prosperous Scotland’ https://www.andersonpublications.co.uk/ This book was written during the Brexit campaign when the discussion of economics and currency in the media was being grossly distorted by the raging battle between the opposing sides in the Brexit dispute. This is an attempt by the author to try and keep the debate on the real issues of importance for the Scottish people. The issue of most importance for the people in Scotland was, and still is, how to escape from the damaging tentacles of the corrupt fractional-reserve banking system which is strangling the Scottish economy and preventing its proper development. Scotland needs political independence if it is going to escape from this, but it needs more, it also requires economic independence as well. This little book addresses this in a way which should be simple for people to read and understand.

Some Articles on Clean Currency https://www.scottishindependencemovement.scot/clean-currency

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