September 2018

Yes Cowal AGM

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First Annual AGM YesCowal AGM, Further notice of the AGM for the Yes Cowal (Forward Shop) committee at 7:30pm. on the 19th September 2018. At this meeting all 3 directors will be standing down as required in the Articles. 2 current directors have indicated that they will be standing for re-election. Other [...]

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April 2018

Control the Narrative.

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Mindset - Dave's Article from the National Should Scotland be an independent country? Why is Scotland not an independent country? These are not the same question. They are very different indeed. This is important because the last referendum campaign was dominated by the first question – a question that gave our well funded, [...]

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February 2018

Lost Cause

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A letter from Dave. For younger readers the wee fellow with the funny voice that was on Question Time last week was a Michael Forsyth, Mrs Thatcher’s right hand man decades ago in Scotland as Scotland’s industrial base was destroyed. At that point he propelled the Tories in Scotland to their worst ever [...]

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December 2017

November 2017

Memories of the Hamilton By-Election

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Lessons of Hamilton 1967 By David MacEwan Hill, Written after the anniversary of the Hamilton by-election win. The 50th anniversary last week of Winnie Ewing’s victory at Hamilton made me think deeply about the significance of the event and what has changed since. When you look closely there are very marked differences we [...]

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October 2017

Catalonia – How events might affect a Future Strategy for Scottish Independence

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Getting Our Referendum towards Independence.     Alistair Stirling discusses how the ongoing events in Catalonia have perhaps opened up opportunities for us here in Scotland. Discussing the differences between Scotland and Catalonia and how with Brexit and our distinct legal situation Scotland might use the repatriation of powers to gain the momentum [...]

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Division within the pro-indy ranks only helps our opponents.

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Dave MacEwan Hill - Letter to The National 2nd October 2017 I would suggest that a significant majority of the residents of Scotland are now in favour of Independence but I think a little clarity of thought would be very useful at this point if we are to get the less well engaged [...]

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September 2017

Lesley Riddoch – Scotlands Nordic & European future.

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Democracy Live from the Burgh Hall.   Democracy Live recording of the Talk by Lesley Riddoch at Dunoon's Burgh Hall. Lesley talks about her experiences of observing how the Nordic nations do things and highlights the many possibilities that this kind of thinking could have for a future Scotland. If Scotland was to [...]

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