January 2018

Truly Scottish TV

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Truly Scottish TV are a small band of amateur Broadcasters whose aim is to broadcast a Positive Scotland to the world.  They are streaming content via their http://www.trulyscottishtv.com/ website and hope to expand the availability of content to other platforms in the future. To support them , simply drop-by each day and watch at least 1 [...]

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November 2017

SIC – Affording it.

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Another from the Independence Convention. Craig Dalzell from the CommonWeal at the Scottish Independence Convention, Nov 2017. One of my highlights from the Convention was this report on the financial position of Scotland and the UK. The graph showing inequalities of income in the European nations is quite an eye-opener. Craig Dalzell: Affording [...]

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SIC – How Should We Talk?

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Audrey Birt at the Scottish Independence Convention One of the many highlights from the Independence Convention held in Edinburgh in November. A good piece focussing on how we should be speaking to people to try to change a point of view. How should we talk to the people who cannot see Scotland as [...]

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Indy APP 2.0

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News of Update to Indy App   From Jason at Indy App NYR IndyApp https://chuffed.org/project/nyr-indyapp New IndyApp2.0 Crowdfund is 'matchfunded'... SO, EVERY POUND YOU GIVE GETS DOUBLED! We have secured £12k worth of pledges from private individuals so that every pound you give now gets doubled for [...]

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