Book Launch – A Clean Currency for a Prosperous Scotland

Andy Anderson

Book launch followed by a Q & A.

A clear and simple explanation of economic, monetary and fiscal policies, Andy Anderson provides cheering ideas for how a future independent Scotland can run a progressive economy and banking system.

As he reminds us, the UK dealt with the 2008 financial crisis in ways that benefited the bankers and failed to deal with the causes. This was in contrast to the situation in Germany where many of the banks are local, run co-operatively, work with almost full reserves and have cash flows that maintain an even keel. Only those that operated on a fractional reserve model, like Deutsche Bank, were hit hard by the crisis.

He reveals why another financial crisis looms, in addition to the hazards posed by Brexit – and why an independent Scottish currency is a basis for optimism.

The book will be on sale for £6. Yes groups wanting multiple copies for resale can keep £2 per copy towards their own campaign costs.

Andy Anderson is a currency campaigner and was a leading member of the 10-year campaign against tolls on the Skye Bridge. He is the joint author, with Ronnie Morrison, of Moving On which makes the case for an independent currency for Scotland (2014) and Currency in an Independent Scotland (2016), written before the EU referendum. This latest book updates the subject in a rapidly changing world. 

Date And Time

Sun, 9 June 2019

14:30 – 15:30 BST


Renfield St Stephen’s Centre

260 Bath St


G2 4JP