A letter from Dave.

For younger readers the wee fellow with the funny voice that was on Question Time last week was a Michael Forsyth, Mrs Thatcher’s right hand man decades ago in Scotland as Scotland’s industrial base was destroyed. At that point he propelled the Tories in Scotland to their worst ever General Election result. His inclusion in the programme however is indicative of several things.

The British establishment and the BBC which fronts it doesn’t understand Scotland and imagines that Forsyth (like Gordon Brown) is held in some respect in Scotland.

None of the new intake of tories, blue and red, into Scottish Westminster seats could  be risked on QT. Hands up any one who can give me a couple of their names.

Ruth Davidson certainly could not be risked as audience reaction would blow apart the fatuous myth, relentlessly promoted, that she is hugely admired among us and is saving the Tories and the union in Scotland.

And we will see it snowing in Timbuktu before Mr Mundell is put to any such test before the public.

The SNP and the cause for independence has beaten all the unionist parties in Scotland. Their continued existence of any significance relies entirely on an establishment controlled media false front.

The fact is that lost causes in politics do not attract significant, able or ambitious people and the union is a lost cause.

Dave McEwan Hill